Well it all started around the end of the 70's. Personal computers were just making into a few homes and Magnavox & Atari turned televisions into gaming machines. People were anxious to get on the computer bandwagon.

We were a small company, started because it turned out we could actually get a game written in 3.5k of ram on a Vic20.

This was when the Commodore Vic 20 first came out, there was hardly any software available for it and we wanted to be involved in the business.

We started in a garage, then rented some commercial space and then built a warehouse, all in a couple years.

Crazy but fun times. 'A year ago we didn't know what a sales rep was, now we have them' (Gary Elder 1983).

Like most of the small software companies, we got squashed during the video game crash of 1984, but it was exciting times. This whole site is just to share back a little of the fun.

For whatever reason, Nufekop games approach to things just resonated with people. We didn't take ourselves too seriously, in fact everything was done in fun.

Just wanted to share a few things back with y'all.

If you were around back then, you know what what we're talking about!

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